About us

About us

Our company was registered in Tovuz region in 1989 under the name of “Tovuz Grape Production” cooperative and started operating as the first private company engaged in agricultural activities.

In 1993, Tovuz-Baltiya LLC was established on the basis of Tovuz Grape Production Cooperative. The company was named “Tovuz-Baltic” due to its high success in exporting its first products to the Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

In addition to local varieties, the company has technical grape varieties imported from France. In addition to these orchards, it has the capacity to receive 5,000 tons of fruit and vegetables from the population. Tovuz-Baltiya LLC is provided with equipment from Italy, Germany and France that meets European standards.


The company Naig C0, “Tovuz-Baltia” LTD, has repeatedly received honorary diplomas for the quality of products, winner of the “Gold Medal” and “Big Gold Medal” for wine and cognac products at tasting competitions of wine and alcoholic beverages (Moscow, St. Petersburg), as well as international prizes in Frankfurt, Geneva, Japan and France.