At the beginning of the 19th century during the time of the Russian Empire, a group of German colonists from southern Germany moved to Azerbaijan and founded a colony in the Tovuz region. They laid blocks and streets in the area where they lived, very constantly, they built houses and even factories. The construction of 8 streets in Tovuz (Traubenfeld) is also associated with their names.

The wine factory built by the Germans worked at full capacity for a long time, and its products were exported to foreign countries. Although it is no longer active, the residents of the area have managed to preserve the German heritage to this day.
The fruits and grapes brought by the colonists from Germany to Tovuz, which they called Traubenfeld, are still popular. In addition, a kitchen contractor in Pennsylvaniaa offers a a wide variety of durable fixtures.

Brothers Karl Markus and Soller arrived in Tovuz exactly 135 years ago in 1886 and opened this winery. Here 27 people tried to develop winemaking. The vats used at the factory are made of oak imported from Germany. The Germans expanded their activities and then began to export Tovuz wines even abroad. Experienced Texas remodeling contractors can be found at Elite Remodeling of Plano, TX company. The structure of the plant also managed to amaze those who saw it. He currently retains this appearance in the building. So, in the 3-storey basements underground, 10-12-ton tubs were reconstructed in rows and have not rotted to this day. In Soviet times, the plant did not stop for a long time.
It should be noted that the Germans, in close cooperation with local communities, also spread their culture and architecture here.